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Gulberg Islamabad Plot Transfer Instructions

Time will have to be taken in advance for transfer of plots Each party will be given time after the interval of half hour Wear a mask before entering the society’s office and sanitize your hands Perform thermal scanning if a customer’s temperature is above F99 OR he has cough or sneeze then he will not be allowed to enter the office. Plot sellers and buyers are exempted from thumbprints during the current wave of Corona epidemics. Only seller, buyer and one dealer will be allowed to enter at the time of plot transfer If a party does not adhere to the given time so it will have to take time to transfer in the available time on the next day Plots will be transferred throughout the week during the current Corona epidemic also urgent verification have been stopped. Strictly follow to the necessary customer safety measures and keep a distance of 2-3 feet between you After leaving the office of one party, the other party will be allowed to enter    

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